Have you ever looked at a holiday brochure and thought that a holiday type ‘wasn’t your type of holiday’, or looked at a destination and thought ‘I can’t go there alone, or as a young person’? Well, this is exactly how I felt looking at cruise brochures!

A couple of years on, and I’m hooked! I’ve had an Instagram account for a few years now and, following lots of messages asking for me to start a blog, here I am!

“Don’t listen to what they say, go see”

Chinese Proverb

Latest from the Blog

Coming up: Staycations

I think it’s the only word I’ve mentioned in almost every blog post so far: Coronavirus. Since the global lockdown, it’s become significantly more difficult and nerve-wracking to travel. Will my flights be running? Will I need to quarantine when I return? What do I do if I get infected whilst I’m away? As aContinue reading “Coming up: Staycations”

Introducing: the UK boat and yacht hotels you’ll want to see for yourself!

2020 has been a bit of a whirlwind so far, and it’s not showing any signs of ‘normality’ suddenly re-appearing any time soon. For many, their travel bug has been satisfied with the re-launch of flights from the UK. However, for some, there’s a key issue – cruise ships are still mothballed at various portsContinue reading “Introducing: the UK boat and yacht hotels you’ll want to see for yourself!”

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