Over the last while, our lives have been turned upside-down thanks to COVID-19. Now, however, the world’s starting to re-open. Whether you’re looking at a staycation in the UK, a cruise (domestic or international), or a city break, you’ll hopefully find this site to be of use. I started my Instagram (@TheSoloTraveller_UK), and later this blog, after looking at holiday brochures (for cruises) and thinking it ‘wasn’t for me’, but couldn’t find any information or reviews from young, solo travellers. I’ve felt the exact same about certain holiday types in the UK, and now want to provide you with the information you need to help you feel comfortable making the trip you’re considering!

After some hesitation initially, a couple of years on, and I’m hooked to all things cruises, domestic and international travel! I’ve had an Instagram account for a few years now and, following lots of messages asking for me to start a blog, here I am!

“Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before!”

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Bloc: Affordable luxury for the British market – a review

If there’s one thing that catches my eye in the general travel world, it’s places that present bold claims. On Bloc’s website, there’s mention of ‘chic, perfectly-formed rooms’ that are ‘efficient, sleek and beautifully designed’. There’s also talk of them working with a Scandinavian Sleep Institute to understand optimum sleeping temperatures. At this point, myContinue reading “Bloc: Affordable luxury for the British market – a review”

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